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FORM 3 [See Rule V1-1(1)]
Application for Admission(Class 1 to 10)
(Fields marked with * are mandatory)

As for the choice to write my essays, it's possible to order one of the articles even after the end of acceptance period.

1. Name of Pupil(in capital letters)*  .
2. Name of Pupil in Regional Language
3. Sex*
4. Name of Father*
5. Name of Mother*
6. Occupation of  Father /Mother
Permanent Address
7. House Name*              
8. Locality*                    
9. Post Office*     
10. District 
11. Pincode
12. Phone No.*
13. Mobile*


15. Whether boarding facilities for boys required*
16. Name of Guardian(if father or mother not alive)   
17. Name and address with Phone No. of the Local Guardian(in case the pupil does not live with his responsible guardian)
Schools previously attended with time in each Name of School standard Date of Admission Date of Leaving
19. Date of Birth*
20. Whether certified extract from the Register of births and/or TC has been produced*
21. Age as on 1st June of the year of admission*
22. Religion *
23. Caste*
24. Place of Birth(as given in the Birth Certificate)*
25. Nationality and state to which the pupil belongs*
26. Name of Panchayat/Muncipality/Corporation to which the pupil belongs*
27. Does the pupil belong to SC/ST/OEC/OBC/General*
28. Standard to which admission is sought(in words)
29. Mother-toungue of pupil
30. No.and date of Transfer Certificate produced on admission
31. DD No*
32. DD Date*
33. Bank Name*
34. Photo
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