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Rajagiri at a glance - Milestones

The school grew in size and stature with the passage of time. Young Rajagiri was fondly looked after by Rev.Fr.Gregory Karotemprel,CMI (presently the Bishop of Diocese of   Rajkot) and Rev. Fr.   Aaron Vithayathil CMI,who are rightly called  the pioneers of the school. The late Mr.Joseph V.Manjooran being the retired headmaster of St.Alberts School brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the school during its inception while he served as headmaster (1964-1976). The administrative function was carried out by the pioneer fathers. I used the school library to write my nursing paper and make sure all the information I included was correct.

Over the years the following helmsmen have been rendering fruitful and steadfast service as heads of the institutions with the able help of faculty members.

Mr. Joseph V. Manjooran (1964-1976)
Fr. Aaron Vithayathil,CMI (1976-1977)
Fr. Gregory Karotemprel,CMI (1977-78)
Fr. Jose Kariamadom,CMI (1978-86)
Fr. John Pynadath,CMI  (1986-1989, 2011-2014)
Fr. Jose Kariamadam,CMI (  1989-1992)
Fr. Mathew Vattathara,CMI   (1992-1998)
Mr. S.T.Vadakel (1998-2002)
Fr. Varghese Puthussery,CMI (2002-2005)
Fr. Varghese Manickanamparambil,CMI (2005-2011)
Fr. Varghese Kachappilly, CMI (2014-

Landmarks in the history of Rajagiri: -
1964 -Establisment of Rajagiri English Medium HighSchool (Classes     VIII-X).Permission to start class VIII    was granted by the Govt.  Kerala.
1965 - U.P. Section was sanctioned.Classes V and IX started.
1965 -  Rajagiri Boarding House.
1966 -   Opening of class VI and X
1967 -     Opening of class VII
1974 -     Decennial celebration of the school.
                          Construction of the auditorium.
1982 -     Construction of the 2nd floor of the main school building [blessed by Bishop Gregory Karotemprel]
1984 -     Death of Fr. Francis Sales,CMI1(1-10-1984)
1986 -     Permanenet recognition of the school (Class V-X) as per Order No. B1/2237/86/K.Dis. dated 31.3.86 of the DEO, Aluva.
1989 -     Silver Jubilee Celebration
1989  -     Construction of Jubilee Memorial building (the present public school).
2002 -     Construction of the new block for Higher Secondary section (western block) Lp section(ClassI-IV) was sanctioned.
2002 -     Higher Secondary Section (Class XI and XII -Science group Bio-Maths and Computer-Maths one Batch each ) was sanctioned as per the order No. GO(MS)No. 221/2002/G.Edn. dated 23-7-2002
2003 -         Opening of classes II and XII
2004 -         Ruby Jubilee Celebration of the school.Opening of class III
2005 -         Opening of class IV
2007 -           L. P. Section shifted to the new block (ertwhile St. Joseph's Minor Seminary)
2008 -         ICSE Syllabus introduced in L. P Section
2009    -        Sapphire Anniversary.
2012     -        Higher Secondary Section - Commerce Batch started.
2014   -         Golden Jubilee Celebration of the school

Sanction and Recognition of the school
1964 -
As per (GO) M.S.225/EDN.Dt.22.4.1964 Rajagiri English Medium High School (Class VIII to X) was sanctioned with permission to open Class VIII.

1965 -
(1) As per (GO) M.S.342/Edn. Dt.24.6.1965 Rajagiri English Medium UP school (Class V to VII) was sanctioned with permission to open class VII.
(2) Permanent recognition was granted to class VIII as per order no.L.Dis/6414/64/D2 dated 27.11.1965 of DEO Aluva.
(3) Opening of Class IX sanctioned as per order No.G.4/6674/65 Regional DPI Ekm, dated 27.8.1966.

1966 -
(1) Opening of Class X sanctioned as per L.Dis/51616/66 G.4/31.10.66 Regional DPI, Ekm.
(2) Opening of Class VI sanctioned as per order  No.L.Dis/3706/66 DT 30.12.1966.
(3) Permanent Recognition of class V sanctioned as per order No.D2/13708/66 dt.27.1966.
(4)  Permanent Recognition to Class VI, VII, IX and X granted as per order No.B1- 2237/86/K. Dis. Dt 31.3.1986 of DEO, Aluva.

2002 -
(1) Higher Secondary section (Class XI and XII) was sanctioned as per G.O. No.221/2002.Gen.Edn dated 23.7.2002. Class XI started under Science group with combination of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths with 50 students.
(2) Class I started.

2003 -
(1) Class XII started. A new batch with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Science was also started.
(2) Class II started
(3) Govt. accorded sanction to open LP section (Class I to IV) from 2002 onwards as per (G.O) P.No.69/2004G(1) Edn dated.20.2.2004.

2004 -
(1) Class III started (Temporary recognition for Std. III was granted by the DEO Aluva, as per order No.A1-11117/04/K.Dis.dt 11.3.2005.
(2) Temporary recognition was accorded to for class II and I as per order No. A1/12 128/03 dated 31.3.04 of DEO, Aluva.

2005 -
(1) Class IV started
(2) Temporary recognition for class III granted as per Order no.11117/04/K.Dis.dated 11.3.2005.

2006 -

Permanent recognition for Classes I to IV (Order No. A1/6702/05/K.Dis dt. 4.2.06 DEO Aluva)

2007 -

L. P. Section shifted to the new block (ertwhile St. Joseph's Minor Seminary)

2008 -

ICSE Syllabus introduced in L. P Section

2009  -                

Sapphire Anniversary.

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