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External Achievements of students during 2006-2007

  • The school participated in the Rajeev Gandhi Science and secured the second prize. Members are; Leo Mathew and Obed Ebenezer of Std. X. If you intend to buy cheap articles, it's better to form and leave a request directly at
  • Runners up in the Ernakulam Revenue District School Games Wrestling and Athletic Championship in Shuttle Badminton. The members of the team are; Alex Thomas, John Mathew, Philip Jose and Renjith Sunny.
  • Anand G. Krishnan has won the following prizes in the Ernakulam District Sports Council for Swimming: First position in 100m Butterfly, First position in 50m Butterfly amd third position in 800m freestyle swimming.
  • Master Rajagopal and Mater Paul John of St. XII were selected the best players from Rajagiri and they were selected as members of the Super team YMCA Fort Kochi 2006

  • The following students who took part in Edappally Zone K. C. S. L. competitions on 24th October have been qualified to take part in the District level competitions:
    • Amala Jose - I prize - Malayalam Speech, Panavayana
    • Reshma Thomas - I prize - English speech, Light Music
    • Varun Joy - I prize - Light Music
    • Reshma Treesa Pilson - I prize- Kathaprasangam
    • Nina Antony - I prize- Mono act
  • Sub District Science Fair
    • Sreelakshmy S. Nair - II prize - Essay writing
    • Parvathy Prathap - I prize - Science Talent search
  • Sub District Social Science Fair
    • Prasanth K. - II prize - Working model
  • Sub District Maths Fair
    • Abhijith U.- III prize- General Charts
    • Sandeep N Babu - III prize - Pure Construction
  • Following students of class 8 did well in the quiz competition on Gandhiji conducted during the Literary academy on 9th October 2006. They are; Harvey S. (8A), Serin Shaji(8B) and Keerthi Kishore (8C).
  • Following students qualified Ernakulam Revenue District level competition in Basket ball and were runners up.- Binny Sunny, Paul John, Abu Sabah and   Joseph Emmanuel.

In the Aluva Sub district School Kalolsavam our school won the following prizes.
H. S. Section:
  Cratto Tony of Class IX - Extempore Speech - First
  Joseph Jolly of Class IX - Guitar - First
  Sreelakshmi S. Nair -Std. X- Mohiniyattom - Second
  Krishna S Nair  -   Hindi speech - Second
  Priya Ida Paul - Std. X - Violin - Second
U. P. Section:
  Zerin Babu - Class VII - English Speech - First, English Recitation - Second
  Arunima A S - Pencil drawing - Second
L. P. Section:
  Aswin Hari - Class IV- Classical Music - First
  Anandhu Kailas - Water Colour - Second

Result in Detail

High School Section:


Sub-district Kalotsavam



H. S.

Group items:

                       One Act Play – A Grade

                       Best actor                 -                     Azeem Nadirsha                     X A

                       Ganamela                 -                     B Grade

                       Patriotic Song     -                     B Grade

                       Orchestra                 -                     A Grade

Individual items:

Guitar                             -                     Joseph Jolly          -                     A Grade                     IX A

Mridangam             -                     Chandrasekara Menon – B Grade               VIII

Violin (Western)                     -                     Priya Ida Paul     - B Grade                 X B

Kathakali single (Grils)   - Sruti Devidas - 1st A grade

Mohiniyattom                             -                     Sreelakshmi R Nair             2nd A grade           X A

Bharathanatyam                       -                     Sreelakshmi R Nair             A grade                       X A

English Recitation                   -                     Lakshmi Pratab                       A grade                       8C

Hindi Recitation                       -                     Avani S Kamal B Grade                     9A

Hindi Speech                               -                     Krishna S Nair                         B grade                       9A

Malayalam Recitation-   Sikha Mary                                   B grade                       8A

Light Music           (Girls)     -                     Slkha Mary                                   B grade                       8A

                                               (Boys)   -                     Azar K N                                         C grade                       9C

Pencil drawing   -                     Arjun Sooraj                               B grade

Painting water colour       -                     Abhiram Joseph                       B grade

Oil Painting                                     -

Malayalam Short Story -                     Ashifa Shahool C grade 10 A




Pencil Drawing -                     Arunima A S                               A grade                       7A

Painting                                               -                     Arunima A S                               B grade                       7A

Light Music                                   -                     Arun Suresh                                 B grade                       7A

Speech (Mal)                               -                     Anjana Krishnakumar     C grade                       7A

                       (Eng)                               -                     Zerin Babu                                     A grade                       7B

Recitation                (Eng)       -                     Zerin Babu                                     A grade                       7B              

                                               (Arab) -                                                                                             C grade                       6A

                                               (Urdu)   -                                                                                             B grade                       6A

Folk dance                                    -                     Sayniya                                               C grade                       5

                                                                                               Sasikumar                                       B grade                      

Mimicry                                               -                     Jacks Andony D’silva                             B grade                       5

Group song                                  -                     Bgrade

Patriotic Song                             -                     B grade

  L. P.

Classical Music -                     Ashwin Hari                                -                     First with A grade

Drawing Water colour- Anandhu Kailas                       -                     B Grade

Light Music                                   -                     Neenu Vincent   -                     C Grade

Recitation (Mal)                       -                     Anitha Joseph                             -                     C Grade

Mappilappattu                           -                     Nihla Rahman C                     -                     D Grade                    

Folk Dance                                   -                     Susan Anna Loy                     -                     B Grade


Group item:

Patriotic song and Sanghaganam                    -                     C Grade



Revenue District   Kalotsavam


Guitar                                                     -                     Joseph Jolly (9A) A Grade

Eng Extempore -                     Cratto tony (9) A Grade

Kathakali Single Girls       -                     Sruthi Devidas   (10 C) A Grade


Sruthi Devidas will represent the Aluva Revenue District at the State Kalotsavam.


Higher Secondary Section:

Revenue District:


Jayasankar K

First with A Grade

Percussion Western Jazz


Asha Rehman

Second with A Grade

Third with A Grade

Pencil Drawing

Water Colour Painting


Nina Antony

Second with A Grade

Third with A Grade

A Grade

B Grade



Folk Dance



Arjun Sasi & Party

Second with A Grade


Members: Arjun Sasi, Nithin Thomas, Chandrima A Sreekumar, Asha Hari, Nina Antony, Lakshmy Antony, Safeena Ansari, Amala Jose, Jose Mathew & Arjun V


Arun P. Elias & Party

Seond with A Grade


Members: Arun P. Elias, Jayasankar K, Devassy Vellanikaran, Mohamed Saed, Abhimanyu P, Ashal G. Kottoor & Elvin Chacko


Grace Marie Abraham & Party

A Grade

Group song and Patriotic song

Members: GradeMarie Abraham, Priya Prince, Aneeta Babu, Chandrima A. Sreekumar, Asha Hari, Sneha R & Sreelakshmi R


Geethu Mohan

A Grade

Essay writing (Mal) & Elocution (Eng)


Krishnapriya C

A Grade

Recitation (Mal) & Recitation (Hindi)


Asha Hari

A Grade

B Grade


Kathakali Music


Reshma Thomas

A Grade

B Grade

Recitation (Eng)

Short story (Eng) & Poetry wiritng (Eng)


Reshma Treasa Pilson

A Grade



Arun P. Elias

A Grade

Percussion Eastern (Tabla)


Veena Nanadanan

B Grade

Essay writing (Hindi)


Ashal G. Kottoor

B Grade

Light Music


Devassy Vellanikaran

B Grade

Stringed Western (Violin)


Participated in 25 events out of 31 and secured 109 points.

State level:

Jayasankar K   placed with A Grade in Percussion Western (Jazz)

Drama – Particpated (Result awaited)

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