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     Rain Water Harvesting Tanks    

We men are of the impression that trees can keep the rain water in the plot. Rajagiri had never thought of rainwater harvesting as we already have two deep ponds full of clean and clear water.
But the activities organized by Manorama gave us a new insight and direction in this regard. As the first step we built two big tanks. Roof sheets, filter devices and PVC pipes were set up to conserve the rainwater flowing from the buildings.

Two water tanks using the Ferrocement technology and our tank using RCC technology were constructed. Besides, an unused well was cleansed and near it a percolation pit is being made in such a manner that  ¾ of the rain water in the campus will be collected and conserved in it. Much water is lost as if flows down the slopes in the tarred roads to the chains in the campus. A new solution was put forward to tackle this problem. Small canals were dug across the roads and grills were put on them .As this work is complete we will be able to collect and conserve rain water fully.

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